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Vehicle Health Inspection

If repairs are done, $59.95 fee is waived.

Our Vehicle Health Inspection is beneficial to any Porsche, but presents more benefits for off-of-warranty Porsche's. It includes a series of thorough vehicle “health checks” performed by factory-trained Porsche technicians. It is designed to keep your Porsche operating in top condition and to minimize your chances of being inconvenienced on the road. If additional service is recommended on any listed item, your Porsche Service Advisor will be happy to speak with you about your options.

The Vehicle Health Inspection includes:

  • Fluid level check and fill
    • Oil, wiper fluid, power steering, brake, headlamp washer, coolant, and transmission (if equipped with dipstick)
  • System and component check
    • Horn, interior lights, and exterior lights and signals
    • Headlamp alignment check
    • Windshield condition check
    • HVAC check
    • Engine air filter check
    • Oil or fluid leak check
    • CV drive axle boots (if equipped)
    • Exhaust system check
    • Steering and linkage check
    • Shock, strut, and suspension check
    • Brake condition, line, hoses, and clamp check
    • Engine cooling system, hoses and clamp check
    • Radiator, heater, and AC hoses for leaks
    • Various belt condition checks
    • Clutch operation check (if equipped)
    • Battery condition check
    • Tire tread depth, health, and wear checks
    • Tire pressure inflation check and adjustment

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