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A Six-Figure Paint Job

Head Turning: A Six-Figure Paint Job

Yes, you read correctly. The ultra-exclusive Porsche Chromaflair paint job costs roughly $123,000 CAD (which is approximately €82,645.50 or $97,000 USD depending on the fluctuating exchange rate). To put this into perspective, a base 911 Carrera costs less at $104,000 CAD. The Chromaflair paints are a part of Porsche’s Exclusiv Manufaktur vehicle personalization program. If you are planning on getting the Chromaflair finish on your next Porsche, be warned: this eye-catching Chromaflair paint option is only offered on the 991.2 generation Porsche 911 Turbo S.

Porsche’s Exclusiv Manufaktur Program

Porsche’s personalization program offers the crème de la crème — handling the most special of requests to personalize the vehicles for buyers willing to spend whatever it takes to make their Porsche customization dreams happen. Porsche Exclusiv Manufaktur will complete whatever aspect of customization by hand in true atelier bespoke fashion.

 Porsche’s personalization branch in the Zuffenhausen factory has seen more activity as of late since the introduction of the special edition 911 Turbo S Exclusive. The special edition 911 Turbo S Exclusive features 607 hp suited up to stand out amongst its peers as the most ravishing of them all.

 Of course, Porsche’s Exclusiv Manufaktur Program offers more customization options than just really, really fancy paint on the 911. They offer a full range of options and accessories to customize your Porsche to the fullest. Options include an aerodynamic sports kit, a high-gloss black package, high-gloss black painted wheels and much, much more.

A Paint Job Worthy of Internet Virality

Images of the six-figure custom Chromaflair paint job went viral after it was posted on the @ptsrs Instagram account, an account dedicated to Porsche’s “paint-to-sample” custom colour options.

 The viral beauty was a Python Green Chromaflair on a Porsche 911 991.2 generation Turbo S customized for a private customer which was featured at the AvD Oldtime Grand Prix at the Nurburgring last August.

 While it is hard to capture and fully appreciate the paint in photos, the 911’s green shade changes from a darker green to a yellow-green. Some of the various pigments are noticeable if you look at the front bumper, headlights, around the tail, and the mirrors.

Source: Instagram

 The price sheet of the custom work, including the price of the Chromaflair paint, also went viral. As some really need to see to believe that a paint job can cost in the six-figure range. Don’t believe us? Check out the price sheet below.

Source: Instagram

Absolutely Stunning: Porsche’s Chromaflair Paint

The Chromaflair paint is extra special for a few reasons: one, it has an opalescent/pearlescent effect so the colour takes on other shades depending on the angle in which you look at it from, and two, Porsche only offers the Chromaflair shades to five 911 Turbo S vehicles per year.

How Does Chromaflair Paint Work?

The Chromaflair look takes approximately nine coats of paint and three clear coats to achieve the entire Chromaflair effect of perfection — done of course, by hand. 

 Microscopic-sized flakes one micrometre in thickness sit inside the topcoat (one-fiftieth the size of a human hair). These flakes have a reflective core layer of opaque aluminum, surrounded by glass. A few atoms define the thickness of the flakes. Thicker or thinner glass layers bring different colours in the light. When paint colours are defined by atom thickness, you can be assured the manufacturing process is pricey. But hey, you get what you pay for. Then, by hand, technicians use magnets to align the metal flakes after each coat is applied. Talk about attention to detail!

Chromaflair Color Options

The special Chromaflair paint is available in four options: "Explosive Gold", an orange-gold blend, "Magicmagenta" a magenta-plum blend, "Python Green" a green-yellow blend, and "Urbanbamboo", a seafoam-gray blend.

Porsche Paint to Sample Options

Okay, so maybe you want a custom colour on your next Porsche, but you don’t have a 911 S Turbo and you don’t quite want the six-figure cost of a Chromaflair job. However, it is possible to get paint to sample in almost any colour you want — just like this 911R in Gulf Heritage colours (of course, in this case, special permission had to be obtained). If you are interested in what options are available to you through Porsche Exclusiv Manufaktur, contact us at Porsche Centre Saskatchewan or contact the Porsche Exculsiv Manufaktur division directly.

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