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2020 Classic Restoration Project - Part 2

The 2020 Porsche Classic Restoration is nearing the finish line. Get up to speed by visiting Part 1 or continue on to witness the final transformation. 

Phase 5

With her foundation solid, our technicians can begin to build Louise up again. Her base has been sandblasted and textured to her original glory and the floor is welded in ready and for a tunnel. Much of her panelling was so corroded, it simply had to be cut away which meant a significant portion of this section of the restoration required parts to be hand-fabricated and deftly welded to her body. This required heavy work to the right-hand engine bay apron, the deck lid, the left-hand quarter panel wheel opening, rear apron, and rocker 

Her interior is also beginning to take shape. The engine bay and passenger areas are all painted and now await the final furnishings and the trunk is nearly ready for the outside skins. Her hardtop has been refinished and fitted to the body to ensure all windows and doors will operate correctly. 

Phase 6

The spirit of Louise has illuminated her broken exterior since the beginning, but it took a special pair of eyes to recognize it. As we near the end of the competition, her true colours are shining through for all to see. Polishing and priming for the exterior paint constitutes one of the most labour-intensive segments of Louise’s restoration. Each piece was individually polished in a progressive sanding process starting at 120 grit sandpaper and finishing with 800 grit. The engine tins have already begun the painting process and have been restored to their factory black shine. With the hood rebuilt, the body was prepared with 4 coats of final primer and is now ready for the first coat of paint. 

Phase 7 

The finish line is in sight for the 2020 restoration. The allure of Porsche goes beyond attention to detail but the intention of every detail. Our technicians have focused in on each individual element of Louise to ensure the completed 356 represented the complete portrait of the of its golden years. At this point, the exterior is nearly complete: all layers of paint have been applied, and the door glass and windshields have been installed. The restored taillights and headlights have been affixed to the primed and polished front and rear bumpers and the wheels have been disassembled, re-chromed, and reinstalled. One of Louise’s most unique features is her 80lt fuel tank as well as the original numbers matching transmission, both of which have been painted and put in place.