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Importation Quality Assurance

Porsche Cars Canada, Ltd. Importation Quality Assurance Process in detail

If you acquired your Porsche outside Canada, your vehicle must be inspected and modified to meet Canadian safety requirements within 45 days of its arrival in Canada.

Only your authorized Porsche Dealer in Canada can provide you with the documentation required for government authorities after performing these required modification and inspection steps.

Once you have booked an appointment with a Porsche Dealer, your imported vehicle will receive a detailed inspection and technical compliance confirmation; once these services, together with any necessary modifications and additional services required for the technical confirmation, have been effected, it will then be eligible to be licensed for use in Canada. The MSRP for the inspection and compliance confirmation services is $500. Other services, including modifications, may give rise to additional charges.

Why is this process important? It ensures that your imported vehicle is legal, safe and performs like it did when it left the factory. Any potential problems are highlighted and dealt with right away, meaning that down the road, your car will run better, run more reliably and will deliver the driving pleasure you expect and deserve.

What to bring

  1. Original Bill of Sale from country of origin
  2. Photo ID
  3. Vehicle warranty and maintenance booklet
  4. Proof of payment of importation duty
  5. Vehicle Import Form ? Form 1

What to expect

  1. You will be asked for your original bill of sale, with photo identification, in order to ensure that Porsche can honour your car's warranty in Canada.
  2. Your vehicle's maintenance book will be checked to verify its service history.
  3. Porsche Cars Canada, Ltd. will check the vehicle's authenticity on the global mainframe to ensure the imported vehicle was not a total loss or salvaged vehicle and to ensure the authenticity of the components fitted.
  4. All modifications required to meet specific Canadian regulations and safety requirements will be performed.
  5. A factory-trained technician will test-drive your imported vehicle to confirm it drives like a Porsche should.
  6. Finally, your full contact details will be updated in order that Porsche Cars Canada, Ltd. can contact you in the future ? to keep your car up to date with modifications that need to take place from time to time.