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The Porsche Centre Saskatchewan Team

Backed by the experience of being three time Porsche Premier Dealer winners, our competent team will be delighted to provide you with advice and assistance.

Vaughn Wyant

Vaughn Wyant | Dealer Principal

Since the early 1980's Vaughn Wyant has been a prominant force in the Saskatchewan automotive landscape. The Wyant Group now encompasses many premium brands in both Saskatchewan and British Columbia including two Porsche Centres.

Phone: 306.986.7000 • Email:

Michael Wyant

Michael Wyant | Dealer Principal

As general manager for Saskatchewan based operations, Michael ensures all Wyant Group stores run at the top of their game. Active in the community Michael has a great feel for business in Saskatchewan.

Phone: 306.986.7000 • Email:

Scotty Taylor

Scotty Taylor | General Manager

As a member of the brand that promises “the drive of a lifetime”, Scotty says he’s been fortunate to have many memorable driving experiences. But as an avid snowboarder, it’s no surprise his favourites have been through the winding mountain roads of BC and the western United States. Outside of work, Scotty is most energized by his family and looks forward to Sunday Funday at the Taylor house every week. 

Phone: 306.986.7000 Ext. 2400 • Email:

Simeon Baker

Simeon Baker | Assistant Sales Manager

A perfect day for Simeon would start with a coffee and breakfast with his kids and turn into a productive afternoon complete with a short snooze before being topped off with a family dinner and cuddles on the couch. Although AC/DC’s Highway to Hell is probably playing in his vehicle, Simeon’s most memorable drive is definitely a bucket list trip. He spent 3 days driving a Porsche 911 through 4 countries in the Central Alps in September of 2019.

Phone: 306.986.7000 Ext. 2402 • Email:

Patricia Leonhardt

Patricia Leonhardt | Finance Manager

Patricia believes life is to be lived out loud and says the best piece of advice she’s ever received is: “Don’t get married before 30”. After driving through the winding backroads of Europe, the Porsche 911 Turbo has cemented its place as Patricia’s favourite Porsche. Being out in nature, surrounded by wildlife energizes Patricia the same way flying through the European countryside did and she is most happy playing with her squirrels and spending family time at the cabin.

Phone: 306.986.7000 Ext. 2408 • Email:

Zane Pankiw

Zane Pankiw | Aftersales Manager


Zane is all about balance. He lives his life by a simple motto: Treat others how you’d like to be treated. Playing with his kids gives him energy just as much as it tires him out and his favourite Porsche is the superbly balanced Caymen GT4. Zane’s favourite driving memory is between drifting through the Laguna Seca corkscrew or joining a professional driver on the course at the Leipzig Porsche factory.

Phone: 306.986.7000 • Email:

Dave Salt

Dave Salt | Parts Manager

After driving 140 kmph in the pouring rain from Saskatoon to Red Dear in a Pontiac Sunfire with his old boss, Dave has learned a valuable lesson: Don’t sweat the small stuff. Passionate about the Roughriders and playing bones, Dave’s perfect day would be spent at the lake with his family, cold beverage in hand. Inspired by Risky Business, his favourite Porsche is the 928. 

Phone: 306.986.7000 Ext. 2404 • Email:

Lyle Glessing

Lyle Glessing | Sales Specialist


Born and raised in small-town Saskatchewan, Lyle says the best advice he’s ever received is: “Plant your corn early. It’s going to be a wet fall.” Lyle appreciates the simple things: his dogs, cooking new things for his favourite people and road trips through BC with the top down. You can expect to hear a full spectrum of music playing on Lyle’s playlists from old school Motown to alt-rock and then back to early 2000’s hip hop. 

Phone: 306.986.7000 Ext. 2401 • Email:

Erick  Strong

Erick Strong | Sales Specialist/ Porsche Pro

As he was driving the perimeter of Oahu, Erick found the peaceful tranquility of the island so moving he resolved to make every effort to stay positive and grounded each and every day. This mindset has definitely served him well in his favourite game of golf. What makes Erick happiest these days is time on a beach spent with loved ones and Mac Miller’s latest album. 

Phone: 306.986.7000 Ext. 2409 • Email:

Sergei Akhmetshin

Sergei Akhmetshin | Gold Certified Porsche Technician/ Shop Lead


Trained at a Porsche Centre in Russia, Sergei believes the most important part of his job is the attention to every detail in the customer’s vehicle. After driving the all-new Taycan, the high-performance electric vehicle has become his favourite Porsche of all time. Club music might be blasting from his speakers but Sergei values relaxation and believes his perfect day is any day filled with happiness.  

Phone: 306.986.7000 • Email:

Mark Gates

Mark Gates | Porsche Certified Technician

Mark’s favourite Porsche is the racing legend 911 GT3 and his favourite road is the scenic Going-To-The-Sun Road in Glacier National Park. Constantly chasing thrills from skiing, mountain biking to Spartan Races, Mark believes in testing the limits every day but there is one thing he won’t try. Following the best advice he’s ever received: “Never eat yellow snow.” 

Heiko  Schmidt

Heiko Schmidt | Apprentice Technician

Heiko’s passion for the mechanics of cars is so strong it follows him outside the doors of Porsche Centre Saskatchewan. Which is why he describes driving laps in a Porsche Cayman S at the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit as an unforgettable experience. Although his favourite Porsche is the classic 1995 964 Turbo, Keiko says his best days are in front of him and describes his perfect day as: “The day I win the lottery”. 

Phone: 306.986.7000 • Email:

Brittney Fidek

Brittney Fidek | Client Concierge/ Administrative Assistant

Driven by a competitive spirit, Brittney is passionate about sports and comes alive on the volleyball court. She enjoys nothing more than a good cup of coffee, jamming to Needed Me by Rihanna and relaxing with her pup! But don’t get it twisted, Brittney is always down for an adventure like the time she took a logging road to Canmore instead of the main highway from Calgary.

Phone: 306.986.7000 Ext. 2406 • Email:

North  O'Conner-Rizos

North O'Conner-Rizos | Lot Attendant

A self-taught amateur artist, North loves drawing in his spare time and believes in the age old saying: practise makes perfect. If North could do anything all day, he would take a nap on a beach somewhere, sketchbook in hand. North’s favourite Porsche is the 918 Spyder but he says nothing will compare to the feeling when he drove a 911 for the first time in downtown Saskatoon.

Anna Hamilton | Sales Specialist

Phone: 306.986.7000 Ext. 2409 • Email: